aboutI’m Frae, 20 year old London student (ie: permanently poor). This was meant to be a blog of all things but seems to just be budget food, but I’m cool with that. Potentially I could expand to homemade budget food but I’m too lazy for that. But definitely no politics, no religion. Feedback appreciated, soon to relocate to heygurl.co.uk (hence the name).

Also pictured: Jamie. We met at school in 2010 and I’ve gone south while he’s gone north, which means monthly trips to Manchester and more excuses to go out for dinner when we are together (though we normally end up at Papa Johns).

Frequently featured: my housemates. I live with a handful of gurls from uni, we met in first year and I lived with Shelby from day one, and now we’re also with Ash, Emily, and Robyn. This means there’s always someone up for pies or burgers so this works out for everyone (and they love it when I give them a named mention)

Occasionally featured: mumma, aboutgurlsdadda, and Bear. Dadda understands food and conveniently works in the city which means the option’s always there if I “want to go for a nosebag”.

I aim to post once weekly but if that’s not enough you can get more frequent updates on my twitter. Enjoy!


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